About the BVI

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a series of some sixty volcanic islands, most uninhabited, located to the east of Puerto Rico. The islands enjoy average temperatures of around 80 Fahrenheit and a dependable year-round breeze.

The four main inhabited islands are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, and Anegada.

Tortola and Virgin Gorda are the two principal islands of commerce with the majority of the 30,000 of the BVI’s population living in Tortola.

Jost Van Dyke has a smattering of around 200 residents. It has a brilliant, white beach with an array of bars and is on the map for hosting the world famous annual, Foxy’s New Year’s Eve party.

Anegada is a coral island surrounded by reefs and old shipwrecks. It’s fringed by 23 miles of empty, powder white beaches. Ecologically undisturbed, Anegada provides a natural reserve for rare and endangered wildlife and plant species.

Quick Facts

The BVI is a peaceful and economically stable, non-Sovereign, overseas territory of the United Kingdom that is internally self-governing. The Governor represents the UK monarch. The Premier is the leader of the country.

Language: English (although Spanish is also widely spoken)

Currency: US dollar. Most Credit cards are accepted in most establishments but not all.

Legal system: English Law

Economy: Tourism and a stringently controlled, offshore financial services industry form the twin pillars of the BVI’s economy.

How to get here

By Air:
Flights to the British Virgin Islands depart from San Juan, Puerto Rico; St Thomas, USVI; Antigua and St Martin. The destination airport is the Terrence Lettsome International Airport (code: EIS) on Beef Island, Tortola.

There are a number of carriers that fly to the connecting airports from the US, Canada, the UK and from Europe.

By Sea:
Ferry services run between St Thomas and West End/Tortola, Road Town/Tortola, and Virgin Gorda.

Visit the official BVI Tourist Board website for comprehensive information on these beautiful islands (http://www.bvitourism.com/about-bvi)